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Privacy Policy

Protection of personal dates

    We need to know some of your personal dates to be able to offer you our service.  We respect yourprivacy, so we do our best to minimalize these dates. We secure your dates from  abuse. We work with personal dates according to the law, specially to the law about Protection of personal dates.


Personal dates

    We  have  to know from each customer these dates: name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail address. These dates are necessary to your identification, for  the communication with you, to make the sale of merchandise, and to accept your payment of goods to our accounting system. If you are a company, we need to know the address of your location, copy of  Trade Certificate and Certificate of VAT Register, if you are a taxpayer.


Dates of your business activity

     The dates of your purchases, claims and other business activities in our internet shop have the confidential character as well. There are the same safe rules as we work with your personal dates.



    All dates, which we get  about you and your purchases are secured from abuse. We don ´t provide them to anybody, except to the  companies, which deal with transport or payment. They get only the minimum of information. We forprice the right to use your personal dates to send you the information about news, discounts and other marketing activities. There will be the notice in each e-mail. You can stop us  to use your dates to this activities during this notice. We will accept it. You can change, fill in, or cancel your dates in our database.


Your agreement

     If you use our e-shop, you agree with using of your personal dates according the rules, which are written above.

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